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Fluffy Angel is a family kennel, registered with the International Canine Associations since 2008.

About Us

Fluffy Angel is a family kennel, registered with the International Canine Federation since 2008. Specialized in fine breeding and attentive selection, Fluffy Angel Kennel focuses their love and attention on breeding a single breed, Bichon Bolognese.

The key principals which play an essential part in our work are the quality, happiness and the health of our dogs. Caring for a Bichon Bolognese, raising it in an environment suitable for its lifestyle will only bring happiness and fulfillment in one's life. 

We first fell in love with the Bichon Bolognese breed in 2006, when we met Beauty Popkorn Doris, our first fluffy little angel. Two years later, we got Doris her first companion, June Popkorn Beauty, who came from the same kennel. June and Doris are no longer breeding, but their offspring are carrying the Fluffy Angel name with pride. All of their descendants have achieved outstanding results at National and International Canine shows. If it wasn’t for Doris, we would have never known how affectionate and loyal the Bolognese breed are.

About Bichon Bolognese:


The Bichon Bolognese is a small, square structured, yet not fragile,veryaffectionate but also very jealous breed. 

The average life expectancy for a Bolognese breed is 13 to15 years or even more.

There are no diseases connected to the breed that have been acknowledged yet.

Bichons do not malt, as the dead hair is brushed away whilst grooming. For this reason it is recommended for people suffering from allergies.

 The Bolognese is also an extremely intelligent breed, easy to train.

They will follow you like a shadow all over the house, standing beside you, a very loving dog, always happy to be around you. Not an active breed, however, it is very playful. The Bolognese is known as a very balanced breed in all aspects. Every single puppy of our kennel leaves the litter for a new owner, after the age of 10-12 weeks, once they have been trained to an appropriate level for a dog of their age. Puppies do not leave without pedigree, microchip, health card with de-worming and vaccinations up to date and according to the vaccination schedule. We keep in touch with all the new owners once puppies have left our home and without failing to respond, we give grooming and raising advice every single time is help is sought.